Friday, November 7, 2014

Star Wars the Old Republic Guide Reviews

SWTOR is finally here and everyone is excited to grab their lightsabers and blasters and head out to take on all comers, but the truth is most MMOs have a learning curve before you can really start to have fun. If you want to skip this curve and become an elite player right from the start you need to learn from the best. This is where guides come into play since they will provide you with information from pro players that know all the ins and outs of the game and supply you with details the average player would overlook.
This site was created to show you reviews of some of the better SWTOR guides that are on the market today.  You should always try and get as much information about any guide before you buy it. This is especially true with a new release like SWTOR. 

The guides that I will be reviewing are from people or companies who have a good track record of producing quality content for their customers. I will keep updating the reviews as new content comes out so you can make an informed choice of the products that will be best for your needs.

SWTOR STRIFE Guide Review 
Wealthy Hutts Credit Guide Review

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